Monday, January 3, 2011


   My name is Darcy Bastin and I am an Athens local.  I have lived here my entire life and my life has centered around O.U.  Both of my parents are music professors so I was pretty sick of O.U. by the time I graduated from high school.  My last attempt at graduating I ended up becoming pregnant with my beautiful son Avery.  Shortly after naming my son Avery we realized that his name had become very popular with the parents of little girls.  My fiance and I discussed changing his name but decided that we would go with the  "A boy name Sue" parenting method and hope everything turned out well.

  I'll be honest, I really do not like the course theme.  I am a positive person and I believe that people should live that way.  I don't think that people should ignore the terrible things that are happening around the world but I simply cannot deal with it.  I personally choose to not allow them to become a part of my everyday life.  The only news I watch is The Daily Show simply because I do not want to hear about all of the innocent people that die every day.  However, being a parent, I must pay attention to a few of these  things like pesticides is baby food, BPA plastics, and various possible causes of autism.  Maybe this class will help me be more realistic and deal with the terrible stuff on the news.

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